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Dr Who Adipose - 3 by Simon-Conduit Dr Who Adipose - 3 by Simon-Conduit
OK, so here's the ultimate (or maybe penultimate) Adipose strip. It was just too fun to write.

Normally I have a vague idea of the scene before I start sourcing images, and usually a punchline or three. This wasn't any different, but where Donna and The Doctor wax lyrical about the situation I couldn't see Rainbow Dash doing the same.

Which lead to what I think is very cute dialogue. Dash is a lovable jerk, something that I've been known to be. So writing her comes naturally. Mix in some off-the-wall braggartry and her penchant for action before thought and you have a perfect foil for Tennant.

The punch I /really/ would have liked to use was Dash saying "She was kind of a Gilda". Using the name as a purgorative. The meaning was still the same, but I think it requires a little bit more thought than needed for a strip. Not as punchy, but makes me giggle like a moron is generally a bad end.

The real challenge in this was all of the Donna-removing I had to do. I'm starting to wish I had a spray that would just melt her out of the scene rather than having to smudge and cut and clone inexpertly. But the scene doesn't really draw the eye to my patchwork... work.

Finally, I just had a blast making it. I'd been putting it off a little because I was worried I couldn't do the strip justice. Which is kind of a stupid excuse, but it did get me drawing again - so that's a plus to come out of all of this. That, and a good strip.

Until next time~
deathnotefan88 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
wow Dash... well, I wouldn't have either so...
Alecat Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist
If you have Photoshoop CS5 then maybe a little bit of context-aware fill might help you in your Donna-removing. Then again, it depends on how much context Photoshop has to work with. Results are occasionally hilarious.
Tsume-pazur Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011
'Get rid off' - little spelling mistake ^^.
Nice one :3.
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